Sea of Thieves Sends Waves Through Twitch

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Sea of Thieves Sends Waves Through Twitch

Sea of Thieves on xbox one x

The Waters Are Choppy On Twitch With The Presence Of Sea of Thieves

Over the past week Rare has been running its Sea of Thieves closed beta on Xbox and PC as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative. Up to this point the game has had mixed reactions from the gaming community. I was skeptical myself, at first. The game is unique, charming, and a ton of fun to play once you get your hands on the controller.

The visuals are absolutely stunning. I play on an Xbox One X on a 65 inch 4k Samsung screen and it is beautiful. It has a way of drawing you in and really capturing the feeling of being there. You can almost smell the salt in the air and feel the ocean spray on your face as the waves crash off your ship, sun gleaming through the clouds. I could spend hours just sailing around the map solely for the vivid scenery.

Anyone who has played Sea of Thieves with a group of friends knows that it is a one of a kind experience that will have you laughing and smiling for hours. What many people did not see coming with the release of the beta (which is the first time NDA was lifted allowing users to share their game play) was the impact it would have in the streaming space.

Twitch and Xbox’s own Mixer were being bombarded all week by players setting sail to raid pillage and plunder the islands and waters in Sea of Thieves. With the players came thousands of users tuning in to watch the adventures and hi-jinks unfold. So much so that the game knocked off the powerhouse titles that have owned the top spot on Twitch for months. PUBG has had over 4 million concurrent players on its servers while holding the top watched game on Twitch with over 15,000 simultaneous viewers. These are not small numbers, so why was Sea of Thieves able to sail in and steal the spot?

Sea of Thieves: A New Age Of Story Telling

While many people enjoy watching streamers play their games, often we watch for the player’s personality more than the game itself. The game becomes somewhat of a sideshow. Sea of Thieves opens up doors for content creators and viewers alike. Imagine logging on for weekly story narratives where you follow the adventures of different characters reminiscent of Red vs Blue, but instead of just watching the audience joins in to control the direction of the story.

In my opinion Sea of Thieves is uniquely quipped to provide this “make your own adventure” style content. Clearly people enjoyed watching the game being streamed, even in its beta state. With a full game worth of content to explore and infinite replay-ability I believe the first content creator to get it right will score big in the streaming community. Add to this the Xbox play anywhere features and the potential reachable community is enormous

The only question is will Sea of Thieves catch on or will the wind be ripped from its sails during its maiden voyage.

Let me know what you think!

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